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56 Presidential Candidates 2022 General elections

Full list of Presidential candidates for 2022 General Elections.

NamePolitical Party
Raila OdingaODM
Grita MuthoniIndependent Candidate
Samuel KiambatiIndependent Candidate
Mark PascalIndependent Candidate
Joseph MbuguaIndependent Candidate
June JulietIndependent Candidate
Begum MazlinIndependent Candidate
Ng’ang’a Gibson NgaruiyaIndependent Candidate
Victor OboteIndependent Candidate
Brian OluochIndependent Candidate
Jeremiah SimiyuIndependent Candidate
George MunyottahIndependent Candidate
Erustus NyameraIndependent Candidate
Stephen OwokoIndependent Candidate
Benard NetoIndependent Candidate
Felix KipronoIndependent Candidate
Samuel MwangangiIndependent Candidate
Zablon KaranjaIndependent Candidate
Peter NdongaIndependent Candidate
Benson MwauraIndependent Candidate
Paul MuruingiIndependent Candidate
Jacob OandaIndependent Candidate
Harrison NjorogeIndependent Candidate
Jared ChulaIndependent Candidate
Moses GichukiIndependent Candidate
Ptah SolomuziIndependent Candidate
Dorothy KemuntoIndependent Candidate
Pigbin OdimwenguIndependent Candidate
Edward NjengaIndependent Candidate
Duncan OduorIndependent Candidate
James KamauIndependent Candidate
Nixon KukuboIndependent Candidate
William RutoUDA
David ChomeIndependent Candidate
Eliud MuthioraIndependent Candidate
Geoffery NdunguIndependent Candidate
Brian OluochIndependent Candidate
Esther WaringaIndependent Candidate
Faith WairimuIndependent Candidate
Patrick KariukiIndependent Candidate
Jeremiah John MwanikiIndependent Candidate
Gibson NgaruiaIndependent Candidate
Benjamin Kevin NdambukiIndependent Candidate
Kevin OnyangoIndependent Candidate
Lichete Reuben KigameIndependent Candidate
Joe Stanley Kamau .BIndependent Candidate
David MuhiaIndependent Candidate
Benard OngiriIndependent Candidate
Full list of Presidential candidates for 2022 General Elections.

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