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Youtube: Proven ways to grow your youtube Channel

Youtube: Proven ways to grow your youtube Channel, Views, Subscribers, likes, and Comments

VLog has never been easy. The headache starts all the way from idea creation to marketing and earning money from it.

To register and earn Ksh being the dream for many. But it all calls for some skills in order to be successful. Imagine those popular Vloggers and Youtuber across the globe.


It did not all start from popularity. Some have a very moving testimony. Forget about their stories concentrate on your dream.

1. What do you want to achieve with your YouTube Channel?

2. Are you creating it for Fun or to earn?

If you are creating for Fun then you don’t need your account Verification but if you what to make money then you need to meet the qualifications and submit a request to verify.

From the YouTube video above Tambua realised some of the proven ways to grow your youtube Channel.

Tambua Africa Reporter

Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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