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WillyPaul trending number 1 after rape case allegations by Diana B Marua

Is this revolving around fame or it is a true allegations. The two music makers Diana B and Sitolia hit maker WillyPaul raise controversy revolving around rape and previous relationships before marriage.

WillyPaul who happened to be bitter with Marua’s statement in a bitter video revolving around social media that lead to a hash tag Justice4DianaMarua, he has finally responded. He has rebuked the lady asking her to mind her own plans in the music industry. He also told her of to challenge artists at her level since he is not even closer to her fame.

WillyPaul asked Marua to Come out open and explain to her husband about their previous relationship. He claims the two first met on Social media and exchanged contacts. At the same time Marua claims WillyPaul’s attempted rape that we can’t stabilise on the point since not one has testified through the legal procedure.

WillyPaul’s Press Release

Fame Allegations by WillyPaul

WillyPaul Paul has asked Marua to use the right method to gather funs. He claims the two together with her husband Bahati are using this to drive more people to the newly released video On YouTube tagged – ONE DAY.


He also points out the views One Day is getting is through sponsored post advertisements by Bahati Kenya.

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