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What Caused Dj Moh Beat Ringtone at Size 8 Event!

Dj Moh proves arrogant after receiving a call from radio Maisha. He hanged the call and refused to be questioned on what transpired in his wife’s Event. This is after a video went viral him beating up and sending out Ringtone Apoko a gospel artists from the pulpit.

Ringtone has however explained what may have caused all this drama. One of the reason is lack of proper communication. He explained how he found his way after hearing Men of God being invited. He claims he was in the right place since he is also a man of God.

Dj Moh misunderstood the reason he was on the pulpit hence pushing him out. He did not stop there, Apoko claims he send him totally out of the event.

Ringtone has taken the issue lightly and apologised to the fans after all that happened lowering his dignity.


On the question of attendance and invitation, Ringtone claims Size 8 invited him. She was aware of his presence and that couldn’t be the big deal either.

Drama At Size 8’s Event as Dj Moh Beats Ringtone Apoko.

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