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Walter Kinjo Biography – Sports Journalist at radio Maisha Biography

Walter Kinjo born 10th October 1992 is 30 years old. He is a Sports journalist at Radio Maisha. He is also a Video editor, Master of Ceremony, Videographer, content producer and news anchor. This is according to his Instagram bio.

Before landing at radio Maisha Kinjo has been in several media houses in the passed 6 years.

First he started as an intern at K.B.C, Egerton radio, Fahari radio and Imani television. This was in the year 2015. From internship Walter Kinjo joined Imani ministries as video editor, public relations officer and radio presenter for 6 years.

Education Background

In the years 2014 to 2016 Walter Kinjo was at Nairobi aviation college Nakuru Campus pursuing his diploma in Journalism and mass communication, Advertising and Applied Communication, video editing and as a radio presenter.


At Radio Maisha

Waiter Kinjo Joined Sprots desk at Radio maisha 31st December 2018. He is currently at Radio Maisha working in collaboration with Stephen Mukangai and Ali Hassan Kauleni.

At standard media group Kinjo is accorded a morning show on Friday by Anthony Ndiema tagged Safari na Ndiema. Walter Kinjo is a christian Talented a a sports commentator.

Walter Kinjo Biography - Sports Journalist at radio Maisha Biography
Walter Kinjo Biography – Sports Journalist at radio Maisha Biography

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