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Sultana Citizen Tv is the most googled Show in Kenya today

Sultana Citizen Tv Today is one of the most googled Tv shows on Kenya according to the google and youtube trending analysis.

It is a Tv series that is aired on Citizen Tv every week day at 7.30pm, followed by an Omnibus on Saturdays.

The show that keeps Kenyans glued on Tv at this particular time is about a young blind girl who was born blind and switched at birth. The whole storyline is available on Viusasa and the official Viusasa YouTube channel.

Kenyans have made Sultana the most trending tv series after trying to find out the next episode. That could hint at what will happen in the next episode, hence placing them ahead of everyone else.


For example, today, after the 4th July 2023, Sultana Citizen Tv show fans are looking for “Sultana Citizen Tv 5th July 2023 tomorrow’s full episode.”

Disclaimer: Sultana Citizen Tv show is aired on Citizen tv show every week day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 
Keep a close eye after Nipashe news and be entertained.

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