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Siaya Mine miracle survivors fit to join their families

Siaya mine tragedy rescue team saves more lives. The tragedy survivors have stated their witness being in trap of soil for 7 days has not been easy. The three more that have been rescued today were rushed to the nearest health centre where they are receiving medication.

The doctor has confirmed the victims health is OK and they can be discharged anytime to join their families.

They have stated how they survived is not that easy since they had to drink muddy and salty water to quench their thirst. Speaking to citizen tv one one of the survivors has said it reached a point he lost hope being rescued. He felt like committing suicide inside the gold mine trap.

They have however urgent the residents not to associate themselves with such work during this rainy reason. It is all about risking life.


Families of the few are very happy seeing their loved ones brought out alive. They have been camping at the Siaya Mine for 7 days praying with hope to have their people brought out alive.

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