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See what the High Court ruled over president Kenyatta’s move to close schools

He has been ordered to reopen schools within 60 days a decision that the ministry has adhered to by planning to open the schools within 46 days from today.

The schools were closed in the midst of March when the Outbreak of coronavirus first case was reported in the country. The government through president Uhuru kenyatta closed all learning institutions in order to protect their government and it is learners not living out citizens from contracting the deadly virus.

It has taken not less than 7 months while the schools remain closed. Only children in grade 4 standard 8 and form four are undergoing studies.

UPDATE: High Court rules President Kenyatta had no power to order closure of schools indefinitely, orders resumption of in-person learning for all classes in 60 days.



1. Government already ordered schools to reopen on January 4th which is 46 days away. Who’s gave that ruling? Anafaa kofi.

2. If these are the courts, then may God help us. We are on our own.Whose interests are they serving? These people surely needs an Ombudsman office!!!!

3. Courts rule on matters filed before them based on evidence that is presented before them. Learn how it works before you judge judges.

4. 60 days… Why not order for schools to open tomorrow..? Or is it because the govt has already announcecd resumption date of 4th Jan… Pure Unafiki

5. Should have done so before the CS gave the reopening date, disgrace to the judiciary. Justice delayed is justice denied

6. ARE these Courts in Planet Jupiter or Venus? Let be reminded that here on Planet Earth, in a place called Kenya & the rest of the world, there’s Covid19. The Best the could have advised is that the President is out of order but CSMagoha can make that order & shud do it!

7. With the risk that COVID poses, I would not be so quick as to order in-person learning to resume before proper risk assessment is carried out!

8. Yet the same courts are scaling down in-person sessions and opting for virtual court sessions? Irony writing itself.

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