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Reasons why ANC – Musalia Mudavadi won’t attend Azimio La umoja at Kasarani by Odinga

ANC LEADER Musalia Mudavadi says he will not join Raila Odinga at Azimio la Umoja convention tomorrow despite official invitation, cites personal engagements.

“Regrettably, I will not be able to attend because of personal engagements.”

He posted on Twitter acknowledging Odinga’s invite.

“I have just received an official invitation to Azimio la Umoja Convention.” He says


The invitation was not to the Party but directly addressed to him. This sounds to be a more friendly letter to his level as ANC Leader and not One Kenya Alliance principal.

“As noted herein, the invitation was addressed in my personal capacity as ANC Party Leader and not OKA Principal.”

Speaking on twitter the Party leader has urged ODM leader Raila oding to go ahead with his plans. He says Raila Odinga is a worthy competitor and he wishes him well because tomorrow will clearly be his day in the sun.

Twitter Reactions

1. You turn down a mere invitation but wake up to criticize ideologies? Mhesh you letting those of us who still believed you have something to offer down. Anyway, Its your decision but for the ‘unseen’ anc/uda nexus, Mene Mene Tekel.

2. “WE” The “PEOPLE” With “VOTES” We remember Clearly 2013Like Yesterday! 2022 We wil also Apply it Effectively in The Ballot,We will Throw You In A Dustbin and No One Mr.Mudavadi will Recycle You Back from Your Grave. Just walk Slowly To the UDA with 3.5B you were paid ..We know!.

3. Correct me if I’m wrong, OKA stands for One Kenya Alliance. If you as a principal of OKA can’t accommodate, tolerate and celebrate with your competitors, how will you unite the 40M plus Kenyans. Bure Kabisa

4. I personally regret how that old man for have been wasted your” most valuable” political time . Otherwise i wish you the best

These are quoted replies to Mudavadi’s post on Twitter.

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