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Protests in Nairobi after Boda boda riders along forest Road assaulted a female motorist

Police hunt the boda boda riders who assaulted a female motorist. Few hours after the video went viral The CS Dr Fred Matiang’i ordered the security personnel to put the suspects under arrest.

The Boda boda riders along Wangari Mathai forest Road assaulted the lady after she caused an accident with one of their colleagues. Human rights organisations together with the Nairobi Women representatives Hon Esther Passaris today have taken their voices to Nairobi streets.

“A lady was harassed yesterday at Forest Road and so far over 200 Boda Boda guys have been arrested.”

The Protests are headed to the Nairobi Police station just to show how the act is highly condemned in the country. The victims are set to face the Court.


The incident has risen more discussions across social media today being an International Women’s Day.

1. “As we celebrate International Womens Day we are asking Kenyans to protect each other. What happened on forest road should not happen to any man or woman. Remember the enemy is the govt not fellow Kenyans..”

2. “After boda riders on Forest Road, they should go for Probox drivers who are equally a nuisance.”

3. “My heart honestly breaks for that girl from the forest road incident,it’s so sad and disgusting… I hope they pay for their doing.”

4. “The Forest Road criminals should face the law. That is unacceptable whatsoever. But don’t let crime be (Fe)male. Those who assault women should be treated equally as those who assault men. Men too need to be protected. issue similar statements wen men are assaulted.”

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