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Otile Brown ft Jovial – Amor (Official Video)

Music in Kenya is being made each and every day. for each video dropped on you-tube different artists get different reactions from their fans also grabbing very much views from round the world.

Otile Brown has been one of the artists that couldin’t be left out whatsoever. His collaboration with Jovial has made people bring out their inner feelings something that is not so common for all the music made.


Otile am your die hard fan..u r very talented bro 💗

Kenyan boy

Beautiful voices… Jovial is pretty in the red dress 🤗🤗


This Guy never disappoints ..✨✨✨always tunned


Otile u are my sherry I love ur songs I cant wait to be ur next song video vixen got the qualifications 😋


This is pure flames my people… And jovial certainly dint come to play on them vocals.. Damnn🔥🔥🔥🔥


No nudes No money No drugs Pure talent


I saw that overall of pararbat construction, I use to hustle in that company. You just gave me a flashback. Big up for that memory


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