As the deported Lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna posted earlier on twitter indicating that he may land in the country any time and meet his family, we as Tambua Africa Post a question based on Twitter reactions….

Miguna won’t Receive a warm welcome because of this major reasons:

  • Calls the president as a despot
  • Miguna too calls Raila as a Conman
  • He also terms their handshake as a Vicious war against 50 million Kenyans
  • He terms leadership as Impunity, disobedient and subversive to the Kenyan constitution.

This is why he won’t survive under the current leadership. He is not fit to come back to the country unless he stops kicking the current leadership.

“Despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s peace with one Conman called @RailaOdinga and a vicious war against 50 million Kenyans has left a legacy of plunder, impunity, disobedience of court orders and subversion of the constitution. Aluta Continua.”

Are you ready to Receive Dr Miguna Miguna back to the country?

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