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Miguna Miguna will not attend father In-law burial

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has returned back to Canada after Kenyan authorities declined to revoke a red alert to allow him fly back to Nairobi.

Miguna says he intended to attend the burial of his father-in-law, Mzee Benson Omolo Awange, in Migori on Wednesday, January 22 but has been left with no option but to return back to Canada after the government declined to follow court orders allowing him back in Kenya.

The firebrand lawyer, however, maintains he will not relent in his quest for justice.

Having waited for Uhuru Kenyatta and his appointees at the ministries of Interior and Immigration to obey court orders and revoke their illegal “red alerts” to no avail, I’ve no option but to return to exile in Canada. I’ll not surrender. The struggle continues. Viva!”

said Miguna in a tweet on Tuesday.

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