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Marathon: Raila to face Sprinting Ruto after President Kenyatta steps aside in their Politics

President Uhuru Kenyatta contradiction openly noticed after making political remarks in Mombasa. The president now indicates to step aside and lets the top political rivals face themselves in the run for presidential inheritance.

The contradiction come to a point where he urged politicians to stop calling Hon Raila Odinga as an Old man since politics is not a sprint. Kenyatta said this during the upgrade ceremony in Nakuru as the fourth city. Speaking in Mombasa President Kenyatta told off all waiting for his endorsement to wait until their old age.

He urged all interested in the presidential seat to run and grab the position since leadership is grabbed. This is awaiting to change the political narrative in the country as all signs indicated Kenyatta’s support for Raila Odinga dumbing his covenant with his Deputy in the Ruling Jubilee Party.


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