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Liz Kamika Makes History First day in Radio interview with Anthony Ndiema at Radio Maisha

Lis is a Gospel musician originating from Embu.

After being hosted by Radio Maisha, Elizabeth Mukami Maina alosa Liz Kamika opens up the marked history. This happens to be her first day to step in a Radio station since she started making music.


Liz briefly speaks about her education history where she first learnt in Kenya schools and later joined went for Further studies in Uganda where she stayed cumulatively for 6 years. Despite her being a lawyer her interest is in the arts industry in which she is much passionate about.

“Despite being a lawyer recently posted I am currently working as an accountant in a bank with the marketing department which involves much creativity and writing and I am happy with that.”


Passion for Music

Liz Kamika at Radio Maisha hosted by Anthony Ndiema – Sunday 16th January 2022 ‘ Shangwe na Ndiema.

The Ninakupenda hit maker says her Music passion started when she started making Short Karaoke and posting on YouTube. She also started requesting her closer friends and relatives to be her audience. She just made Music for fun not to think of having it proffesionaly.

She took this career seriously after undergoing a surgery that she did not imagine. Speaking to Anthony Ndiema at Radio Maisha her first song Unanipenda was dedicated to herself praising God for loving her.

“God’s time is the best. It does not mean that when you can sing well with a good voice, that you are ready for for the Gods ministry.” She speaks.

She referrers her listers to the big music done by Paul Clement featuring Guardian Angel – Wakati Wa Mungu.

Support system

The support system comprising of friends and relatives have really been encouraging me. This gave me pleasure to record the second song tagged Sifa. This was after I came out of surgery successful and two that I did not get Corona Virus.

Elizabeth Mukami is Married to one husband who has his support in the music journey. Some of her biggest collaboration is also the song she did with Guardian Angel.

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