Kenya Power an essential organ in the countries daily life releases a daily schedule for 5th January 2022. The maintenance program helps the Company correct the faults through their power connection to avoid any unnecessary breakouts.

During the maintenance process the places outlined receive power cut since no worker can carry out power line connections and corrections on a live Wire flowing with electricity.

Below is the list scheduled for the maintenance

  1. I kanga
  2. Sinai
  3. Ndii
  4. Ghazi
  5. Wongonyi
  6. Paranga
  7. Mlilo
  8. Manga
  9. Manyani
  10. Man Eaters and adjacent customers.

The process will start from 9.00 A.M TO 4.00 P.M. During this time period residents in the listed areas are urged to remain calm as their homestead will remain with no electricity.

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