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Kokan of Sultana Citizen Tv Biography, Real Name, Age and Net-worth


Kokan is an actor in Sultana Citizen Tv. The show is aired weekly Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM.

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    Who is Kokan?

    Kokan is a male Actor in Sultana Citizen Tv show. He acts as an orphan Raised by Bi Dama and educated by Major Jabali.

  • What is Kokan's Real Name?

    According to the National identification, Kokan real name is Nelson Mandela.

  • How Old Is Kokan?

    Kokan has not yet reveled his date of birth to the public. From the look is is in early youth ranging between 23 – 27 Years old.

  • Kokan's Net-Worth?

    200000 Dolars

  • Is Kokan Married?

    Kokan is a young boy who is still working on his dreams but dating.

Things That Kokan Likes.

  • Watching
  • Reading Novels
  • Listening to music
  • Hiking

In the show

Kokan got burnt. Although he is a doctor, Many people fear him because of the scar in his face. This gives him hard time since he has to survive with no friends.

Children do not want to associate themselves with him. Kokan is also bitter after Major Jabali forgot about him. He says he has no time to associate with Jabali’s Family again. Furthermore, Kokan doesn’t want to be close to Jabali Junior since he is the major cause.

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