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Kimani Mbugua appeals for help, saying he is homeless

Former Citizen Tv Journalist Kimani Mbugua pleads with his fans, saying he is homeless. Through a video he shared on his Instagram page, Kimani Mbugua spoke to his followers about his current state.

Hi guys, Kimani Mbugua here former star of TV. It feels so bad to say that right now because I am not there anymore. But niko kwa shida, and I need your help,

Kama ningekua nimekufa, watu wangekua wanasema ooh kimani alikua hivi ama hivi. I’m not going to suffer in silence. At the same time, sitaki kuonyeshana ni kama nachangiwa pesa ya ku fanya something bad.

I fell ill in 2021, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and since then, my life has fallen apart. I have lost so many things, and I have lost so many friends in the journey. People got tired of me, and I’m in a position where most people are not willing to help because they said that they are tired.


I got out of hospital literally last week, and I feel my mind has come back to normal, and I don’t want to go back to the place where I used to be. So… I’m homeless. I have my bag, and I am out. The people who I was living with said they couldn’t host me for any longer and asked me to look for an alternative.

Kimani states.

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