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Kerugoya Traders happy after receiving a rehabilitated trading environment in Kutus Municipality

Charles Hinga Mwaura the Principal Secretary State Department for Housing has today left Kerugoya Traders smiling beyond the expectation. The business run in Kerugoya Municipality way back suffered a dirty, inorderly and small spaced trading environment.

Today the place that had been placed under rehabilitation works is now clean, orderly and spacious calls for more businesses and economic growth after its completion.

According to Hinga’s statement there is need to develop trading centers to suit the 21st century needs. He also goes ahead explaining how the face-lift impacts lives of Kerugoya residents. The renovation process involved construction of shades and laying of cabros.

The Shade

The major aim of the Shade according to PS Hinga is to keep business men and women protected from harsh weather conditions like the sun and rains. This also helps to keep long products that may be spoilt by the sun and are required when still fresh.


Traders in Karugoya, Kerugoya-Kutus Municipality enjoy a clean, orderly & spacious trading environment following completion of rehabilitation works. The facelift has impacted the lives of residents & improved business. The project involved construction of shades & laying cabro.

Through this platform Hon Charles Hinga also restored the hopes of the Kenyan Youths who had applied for Kazi Mtaani project.

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