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Kazi Mtaani hopefully to resume on 1st March – Government Statement

The Government had restored hope to Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates after assurance on the program. Ps Hon Charles Hinga through his social media account posted news to all Kazi Mtaani Youths disclosing some few information about the whole process.

According to Hon Charles Hinga, the Budget for Kazi Mtaani was tabled in Parliament last week. This now follows a few procedural steps but there is atleast some light. In his statement it is unpredictable when the whole process will be complete but it should be in the time range of about two or less than two weeks.

After this period now the program may resume for Kazi mtaani Phase 3 after application that were submitted way back of October 2021.

Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates have been assured to remain patient since they will receive their confirmation messages that will be carrying all the information they need to know.


Kazi Mtaani news: Twitter Post by Ps Hon Charles Hinga

To all Kazi Mtaani youths, supplementary budget was tabled in parliament last week, there are a few procedural issues to deal with but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t tell exactly how long it will take but +/- 2 weeks so realistically, let’s aim for 1st March.

Twitter followers reactions

1. Mugithi

Your team waziri still owes kazi mtaani cohorts from kiganjo division,Kiamwangi ward stipends for the previous shift.
Tried reaching lakini ukakamavu wangu ukagonga mawe.

2. Kevin Kimathi

Sir your office had indicated that the job was to resume on January and will run till June that means 6months So now you are talking about March that means the months will reduce to 3months…is there any information about that

3. George

I am a youth in Mathare Constituency; during the previous period of kazi mtaani, I took individual responsibility to mentor and help reform the youths in brief healthy discussions during break time. I visited a different cohort each day while discussing progress/challenges faced.

4. Oguta Onyango

This appears to be a new revelation? The promise to the vulnerable youths in the program was made and was to continue from January. We all know suppleentary budgets are not tabled in January. Most GoK run youth programs are actually struggling to keep promises.

5. Munene

There is ultimate self satisfaction when we youths take up responsibilities and serve our nation. You went beyond that duty to country, and served your fellow youth, with a gift you posses. May The Lord open more doors for you. Congratulations

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