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How to Avoid Safaricom Sim Swap in Kenya – 2023

Cyber insecurity has become one of the most rampant crimes committed in Kenya and the entire world.

Crimes including system hacking and ownership exchange is one of the most used tactics by online goons to commit crime. The most recent issue in Kenya is the hacking of Sim Cards.

A good example is when a person accesses your nation identity and swaps the ownership of your sim card. In this event, he or she can decide what to do with that card without asking for permission from the rightful owner.

Some of the crimes that can be committed with the replaced sim card can be withdrawal of funds, calling and threatening people’s lives, and coning money from other users and subscribers.


In this context, when the con man is tracked down, all details lead to the bio data the sim card carries, thus placing the rightful owner in an awkward situation. It might be hard to convince the law firms that one is not guilty.

Safaricom has, however, acted fast before the hacking becomes rampant. From the recent information shared by the communication provider, this is how to Prevent Safaricom Sim Card from being hacked in Kenya – 2023. Is is very easy and can only take 3 seconds at most.

First, you are supposed to place your Safaricom sim card and turn it on. Then dial *100*100#. After dialling, then press the call button. All is done.

Safaricom will then send a return message confirming the process.

Success. Your number can only be replaced by visiting the nearest Safaricom Shop/Care Desk with your ID.”

What does this mean?

This information is very vital in the current technology world. It will be clear that your sim card can only be replaced at the customer care desk and not in any M-Pesa shop. It also emphasises that even you, you can not replace your own sim card if not in possession of the Original Identity Card.

Sim Registration process 2023

It should also be noted that the Communications Authority of Kenya gave orders for all Kenyans to update their registration details with the service providers to lock out uncompliant sim cards.

In case of fraud activity, a subscriber or victim is encouraged to report the fraud by sending the conman’s number to 333. This message won’t be charged.

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