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How Kenya Budget 2022 will benefit Kenyans and teachers as TSC pockets a lions share

Today the Ministry of Finance is set to deliver the Kenya Budget 2022. The Cabinet Secretary Hon Ukur Yattani will be presenting the budget at the Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

Kenya Budget 2022 is expected to relieve Kenyans who have been cornered with the shooting prices of goods and services in the country.

Foodstuff Prices

First Kenyans expectations are lowered prices of foodstuffs. Food affordability has been one of the major crisis among the Citizens.

It has been brought to attention that prices shot up from January hence a person earning below Sh 20,000 can’t afford food and pay rent.


Kenyans have however called on the president to listen to their plea. President Uhuru Kenyatta is asked to use all the powers in his Office of the president and the boss of the national to save Kenyans.

Fuel Crisis

This has been trending across social media with a tag “Lower the food prices.”

Fuel is also another bigger problem in the nation. Recently, Kenyans have suffered petrol shortage in the country. This has raised an alarm among the Motorists who called on for the government intervention since it has been a national issue.

Despite the reading of the 2022 budget, Kenyans should expect a hike in the fuel prices. This was hinted by some reliable sources from the government.

Apart from ordinary Kenyans, the Government organisations are also waiting to have their yearly share. These are the ministries and other relevant bodies.

TSC share

TSC is one of the smiling cabinet lead by Dr Nancy Macharia. It has already been allocated the highest amount of money in the 2022/2023 budget.

TSC has been estimated to receive a rise of 14.9 billion. This will rise from the initial 295.9 billion to 281.7 billion.

The major factor that has lead to TSC receiving the highest share is the implementation of the Curriculum.

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