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Hon Oscar Sudi fuels 2000 Bodabodas in Eldoret Town

BodaBoda operators in Eldoret Town – Central Business centre have left the shell feeling station smiling after the Kapsabet Member of Parliament fueled their Motorbikes.

After fueling the Motorbikes he encouraged all to support the Hustler government. The Hustler movement is linked to the deputy President William Ruto and the Universal Democratic Alliance. The UDA party lead by Ruto promises are mostly channeled to the lowest ranking citizen in the country. Their aim is to bring all citizens to an average living standards using the Bottom-Up Economic Model.

Some of the promise beneficiaries include the SMEs like BodaBoda riders, Mama Mboga sellers and even Hawkers who struggle daily with the aim to promote their daily lives.

“The incoming Hustler government will pump its resources to SMEs like Bodabodas, Mama Mbogas, Hawkers et al with the aim to promote their daily hustle. In the spirit of BOTTOM UP I fueled close to 2000 Bodabodas operating within Eldoret town CBD.” He posts.


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