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GoTv to upgrade all Decoders to enhance viewing overnight

GoTv Kenya announces to implement a software upgrade system overnight.

GoTv Kenya has announced to implement a software upgrade to all decoders. This it aimed to enhance the viewing experience for its subscribers.

According to the statement issued on 21st July 2022 at 12.00pm, anyone subscribed to GoTv is urged to leave the decoder powered on for and automatic upgrade to take place.

“Dear Customer, we are implementing a software upgrade on all our GOtv decoders to enhance your viewing experience.

Kindly leave your decoder powered on overnight to allow for the automatic upgrade.”


Decoders that will be switched off

For those whose decoders will be off for one reason or the other will be forced to carry out the upgrade by themselves.

Immediately the system detects the decoder powered on, a prompt message will be send to allow the subscriber accept the upgrade.

“Decoders not POWERED ON during this period will get a prompt upon powering on.”

How to upgrade your GoTv manually.

For manual Upgrade of Your Decoder;

1. Press Menu.

2. Advanced Options.

3. Decoder Upgrade.

4. OK.

5. Press the red button on your remote to start the process.

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