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Dp William Ruto Urges Leaders to work together and do away with divisive Politics

The Kenyan republic Deputy president William Ruto has today urged all leaders to embrace teamwork and stop engaging in divisive Politics.

“Leaders should combine efforts and commit to confronting the challenges facing millions of households in the country.

Rather than engaging in divisive politics, they should be visionary and embrace inclusive and broad-based interventions in the economy that will uplift the poor.”

Ruto Met wiyh Members of Garissa County Assembly from Jubilee, ODM, UDA and KANU at the Karen Office, Nairobi County.


He also disclosed stating that they Discussed empowerment programmes for the Hustler Nation and agreed to back Abdul Yusuf Haji for Garissa Senator in the upcoming by-election.


1. It is not right to put an ordinary party like Kanu and a giant party like UDA in one sentence. Mr president,we are looking foward to having decency for the first time in statehouse. You must break the dynasties’ yoke that burdened Kenyans and the bbi rod that beat their shoulders. #RutoToPower2022 come whatmay.

2. Yusuf Haji was Hustler Nation,Garisaa County, is for Hustler Nation,Eastern is for Hustler Nation,Kenya is Hustler Nation..we have our God,regardless of intimidation,harassment,character assassination,and all manner of tyrants rule and deep state,God will leads us through to our destiny,H.E Dr.William Samoei Ruto our 5th President of Republic of Kenya ,kazi ni ni kazi

3. For a long time I have hated you but I’ve realized that you are just being fought. You are not as bad as they portray you. Let Murathe and Tujus of Kenya respect you. Only a slight error on your side. Stop Insulting your fellow leaders. Otherwise you are becoming popular day by day.

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