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Dp William Ruto speaks his heart: Rest in Peace Corporal David Kiprotich Too


Deputy President William Ruto sends condolences message to the family of the late David Kiprotich Too. He indicated that Too was a dependable and approachable person who made things move to the right direction.

Our heartfelt condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of our staff member David Kiprotich Too.

Ruto eulogizes Kiptotich Too

Corporal Kiprotich Too

“Corporal Too was dependable, approachable, took pride in his work and strived to put things right.”

“We will best remember him for his humility, punctuality and team spirit. Rest In Peace, Corporal Too.” Dp Ruto Posted


1. CAREN: It’s not all about tribe ,BT I understand every life of an individual regardless of tribe matters; we need assured protection of all our people who are working with these prominent people .We do not expect to hear of suicides and other funny stories . May God intervene the death of this guy.my sincere condolences to the family.

2. BENAH: Men we should try to speak out badala ya suicide…leaders also please stop just taking us for granted we come to you with an issue thinking you will help us solve it but what you do is lying to us…maybe this man died of depression maybe and what brought it maybe was something that could be solved in a second…please our leaders take note and be honest to your selves…may Kiprotich soul rest in peace

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