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Dp William Ruto addresses matters affecting Artists

Dp William Ruto addresses matters affecting Artists. Dp elaborated that music is a business like any other and artists are the Entrepreneurs.

He said The creative industry has the power to generate jobs and also stimulate the economic growth. Ruto vowed to keep keep investing in artists dreams on account that like many other businesses, they too deserve recognition because every hustle matters


Music is a business. Artistes are entrepreneurs. The creative industry has the power to generate jobs and stimulate economic growth. We will keep investing in their dreams on account that like many other businesses, they too deserve recognition because every hustle matters. Kazi ni Kazi.” Dp posted on Facebook.

He spoke while he Met a section of musicians to discuss how they can support and promote the creative economy, Karen, Nairobi County.



1. TITO BLESSINGS: But unfortunately, some after becoming famous have misused the talent, and mock the upcoming artists. While others are busy tainting madly their fellow artists, striving to set up themselves as “the one with a say” in this industry…
Na uwaambie, tabia njema na jina njema ni nzuri kuliko fedha na dhahahu au manukato.

2. ONESMUS MUTISO: You have been in leadership for the last 7 years and you have not done that. What makes you think that citizens will elect you Because of this fake promises. Am also talented in literature and journalism but still jobless. Your government has failed us and nothing will ever make me change my mind against the fake promises made by you politicians.

3. VENTIUS KIMTAI: I decided to support you not because of tribe but because of your great idealogies dp William Ruto and great development records you have portrayed from your first slogan kusema na Kutendaa and as a patriot I have also the mandatory duty to advise you not to downgrade your comentable work don’t respond to your competitors you need them to know that indeed you are a leader of all we are united focused team and we welcome all on board just my opinion

4. JOSEPH MAINA: Thank you Mr. DP for meeting with our musicians. The same way I thanked Uhuru, so I thank you. Let every one of you go deep to their pockets and let the highest bidder win the day.
To my fellow Kenyans, politics is all about personal interests. Our musicians are looking at where they shall have their stomach full. That’s why today they are with Uhuru, tomorrow they are with Ruto. What about us? Do we look at where our interests are catered at or do we just follow the wave?
Wakenya tuelevuke and demand good results from these selfish politicians.

Photo courtesy: Tambua Africa News.

5. RAS MADEDO: We Know all this, so what is making the artist not to get what is right and deservedly there’s . Why all this government bodies with massive employees who purport to service the artist. And so what is your solution to the sick industry, No promise tell as what do you think is the problem and probable solution to growth of the industry.

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