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crisis meeting for reopening schools – CS MAGOHA

“We have decided to reactivated the smaller stakeholders group between now and Saturday to work on the finer details of the proposals that shall be interrogated by this larger stakeholders group and even at that time if I succeed in getting backroom approval then I will tell you what we have decided,” said the Education CS. 

Even so, CS Magoha has continued expressing his fear that achieving social distance in public schools is going to be a huge mountain to summit. In an attempt to climb that mountain, the government will attempt to get masks for the vulnerable and less fortunate children.

This comes at a time when the coronavirus cases continue to plummet, making Kenya 4 days away from reaching a 14-day-straight positivity rate of under 5 per cent which will mean the curve will have been flattened.

As part of the preparations for the reopening, the government also set up Sh1.9 billion form the making of desks for primary secondary schools. The government will be spending Sh3,800 per desk and will use Sh1 billion for the furniture in secondary and Sh900 million for primary schools respectively.



During an intergovernmental virtual summit, which was chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Magoha also revealed that the government had plans to buy masks for learners and that would cost Sh35 per pair of re-washable masks. But he cautioned that it would cost a lot of money to mask all the learners when schools reopen.

Besides these are Sh15.4 billion expected to help secondary schools to step up the preparation process as well as the recruitment of 10,000 teachers by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to bridge the gap.

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