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covid-19 – The Reality of Corona


It is only a few Kenyans with bright brains who will remember that before the death of Moi, president Donald Trump had invited Uhuru and Raila in America.
Uhuru and Raila were going to receive instructions from Trump on how they would feign themselves with the newly invented Corona virus.Trump together with his geneous scientists had invented Corona virus to demolish China and her allies.
However,Trump did not want Corona to affect Kenya bearing the fact that Kenya is one of the USA’s allies,and therefore he had to give Uhuru some instructions on how to feign with the virus so that it may appear that Kenya is affected by the virus just like other nations in the world.
Having received the instructions,news had it that Moi had passed and the two men returned to Kenya.Its so unfortunate that Kenyans forgot this.

Just after Moi was laid to rest,Uhuru order all his staff for a meeting and gave them the instructions Donald the king of the world had given him.He assured his staff that in deed the virus is Killing thousands of people in those countries Trump is targeting but Kenya is kept safe as it is an ally to America.
Since then,Mutahi has been doing the following:
1.He has been exerggerating the number of Corona patients to inflict fear in Kenyans.
2.Those patients he always say that have succumbed to death due to Corona are simply obtained from mortuary facilities after consultation with mortuary attentands just to fool Kenyans that those patients died of Corona.
3It is a common knowledge that a dying patient should be rushed to the ICU ,but to Mutahi a patient just collapses and dies just like that藍藍

4.It’s only Brendah who testified that she was free of Corona but to Mutahi those patients recovering do not testify,neither are they shown on TV to make Kenyans trust that lie
6.Churches were locked from operation but supermarkets still run,Corona is not in suppermarkets.



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