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Comedian Kianangi Biography, Net Worth, Tribe, and News Updates


Who is Comedian Kianangi?

Kianangi is a popular Kenyan Comedian. He entertains Kenyans in the laugh industry through Kikuyu language. Comedian Kianangi’s real name is Geoffrey Mwangi.

Real NameGeoffrey Mwangi
Stage NameKianangi
WifeCatherine Njeri
Date of BirthUndisclosed
Net WorthMillions
Is Kianangi married?Yes he is married to a beautiful Kenyan Kikuyu lady Catherine Njeri


1. Is Comedian Kianangi still alive?

The matter is a police case and it has not yet been disclosed if Kianangi is still alive or dead. The family is still in search of him.

2. Was comedian Kianangi found?

Since 2017 when he was reported missing, comedian Kianangi has never been found up to date.

After five years of disappearance since 2017, no one has ever got answers this questions:

  1. Who killed Kianangi?
  2. Is Kianangi still alive?
  3. Where is Comedian Kianangi
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