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Climbing Mt Kenya on a wheelchair


One ambition: To carry a man with cerebral palsy to one of the peaks of Mt Kenya in the first week of September.

Two devices: A normal wheelchair and a special one-called a joëlette, will help a team of about 16 carry the man called Musa – who cannot walk – to the Lenana peak using the Naro Moru entrance.

Three days: The journey starts on September 4 and on the third day, the team that will accompany Musa is confident that it will reach Point Lenana with him. While there, they plan to take countless photos and shout their lungs off in celebration.

Numerous problems: Will the man persevere the biting cold and laborious, rocky climb? Will the team manage to take him 4,985 metres up and will the devices at their disposal cooperate?

Those are among the issues a Nyahururu-based group called L’Arche Kenya, which is organising the climb, is grappling with in preparation for the challenge – their first of that sort.


The main drive of the mountain climb is to raise funds. The team plans to raise Sh7.2 million that they will use to initiate income-generating activities for their organisation that currently takes care of 25 persons with intellectual disabilities. A good number of them live with Down’s syndrome, with some also battling epilepsy, psychiatric conditions or learning problems.

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Started in 2008, L’Arche Kenya has made a name in Nyahururu for the care it provides to a category of people often ignored. Of the 25 adults under their care, 12 live with them while 13 are picked by vans from their homes in the morning and driven back in the evening.

L’Arche (French for ‘The Ark’) is an interconnected group of individuals in 38 countries spread around five continents. The communities, currently 154 across the globe, aim to have people with intellectual disabilities live together with everyone else.

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