Anthony Ndiema Radio Maisha’s presenter biography, Education, Lifestyle, Marriage, wife, children, Cars, religion and shows

Anthony Ndiema is a Radio presenter employed at Standard Media group. He is station at Radio Maisha as a show presenter from 4.00 A.M to 5.00 tagged Safari na Ndiema. Shangwe na ndiema is a morning show that he runs from Monday to Friday.

On Sunday Ndiema hosts Pastors who teach Radio Maisha fans offering spiritual guidance. In his Sunday Shangwe na Ndiema show he incorporates a segment titled Mwana Zaburi.

In Mwana Zaburi segment, he hosts Upcoming and developing Gospel musicians whom he interviews about their music careers. This is a way of growing talents as well as giving back to the society. As he interviews the music makers Ndiema also requests his Shangwe lovers to Subscribe to Mwanazaburi’s YouTube channel.

Anthony Ndiema is a Christian from Western part of Kenya, married to one wife and blessed with 4 children. He owns several cars.

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