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5G Network in U.S.A

The first major announcement since the merger with Sprint was completed sees TMUS go after the big two on unlimited price plans.

Things are a bit more sober under new CEO Mike Sievert and perhaps he was conscious of that when he decided to film his announcement (below) of the news tariffs in front of a bunch of wine racks. He’s still using the ‘uncarrier’ strategy of trying to be all disruptive, however, and what better way to do that than by charging much less than your competitors?

Inevitably there is lofty talk of 5G even though it’s not very widely available and, in T-Mobile’s case, not very fast. Nonetheless you can get T-Mobile’s attempt at it, with unlimited data and voice, for $100 per month for four lines. According to the TMUS table below, that compares to $160 for AT&T and $180 for Verizon.

We won’t bother with any canned quotes as there are plenty to choose from in the vid. On top of the tariff, each line can add a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G for an extra fiver a month. There are the usual stipulations about fair use, throttling, etc, but on the surface this does appear to be a fairly aggressive move. Let’s see if the big two have anything more than deceptive marketing to counter it.


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