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3 most Legit Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Online work has taken over White Collar job in the 21st century. With many youth trying to find out opportunities to make a living online. The biggest question people ask themselves how can you make money from the internet through your phone laptop desktop or any other electronic gadget that accesses the internet. One of the best online job is through writing famously known as blogging.

Blogging Online.

Blogging is one of the online jobs that is paying handsomely to those who do it the right way. We have got different types of bloggers for example, – we have news bloggers, video bloggers, V logos, lifestyle publishers, trending topic notifiers, and many more.

How to start Blogging.

In order for you to start blogging independently you need to create for yourselves a website. The website is like an online account recognised by Google on which you will be publishing your content whenever you need to. Also having a personal website assist more so during the time when you want to start monetizing your content.

Monetization of the Website

To monetise a website is the ability to make some money from your website. As you know you cannot keep on publishing content online and make a living from it or make some money from it without figuring out the better way in which you our website will generate some income.


You can write a good content that attracts many people and get more traffic but without monetizing you cannot get or earn from your work. Monetization simply means the ability to make a website pay you.

How to Create a website.

To create a website that is independent the first thing you’re supposed to do is to find a top-notch of your website that is unique for your company.

You need to register your domain name containing your company name and also by Boston spares from the hosting companies for example bluehost and true host in Kenya.

After you have registered your domain and purchased hosting space, you can now start creating your website for example by use of WordPress or employing a designer who will design the best website for you. Immediately your website is ready for publishing.

That is not enough you have to work tirelessly to keep your website at the top of all other websites and be found easily by Google users. This means you’re supposed to begin with your SEO

We are going to discuss different ways at which you can help your website get more clicks than ever. Remember the more visitors you get through monetization you get paid handsomely.

3 most Legit Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

1. Advertising your website

To get legit traffic to your website one of the most effective way is through advertising your website. You can advertise your website through paid advertisement on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, on Google ads and also to other advertising companies.

2. Share your Website on social media

Advertising can be a bit expensive but for those who have a big following on social media you can’t simply share your content by publishing you are links on social media without spamming.

3. Write fresh content

Write fresh content. Google is smart in getting fresh content and given it a priority above other websites.

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