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William Ruto Visits Nyeri Karatina and commissions a school

Ruto Commissions Kangocho primary and secondary school I Mathira Constituency

Kenyans have held Ruto in a tight corner after he shows some concerns in the education sector. Dp had indicated some support to the COMPETENCY BASED CURRICULUM saying Children are to be accorded with the necessary skills and competencies to enlighten their prosperity.

He said as he commissioned a Six Classroom Building and laboratory in Kangocho primary and secondary school I Mathira Constituency.

He says Education is decisive if kenyans want their children to win the future. “This is why we are arming them with the necessary competencies and environment to develop enlightened individuals who have what they need to prosper.”

Twitter Reactions

1. Bk. Mwau – Education! What for? All you promise those students is a Wheelbarrow after their studies. Wheelbarrow pushing doesn’t require education, you are in the wrong place. Schools is not your place


2. Namesake – ‘Education is better than Money’ Who remembers this famous debate back at secondary schools? Which side were you supporting? Is it still your point of view even after graduating from College?

3. The Malit – Education is not decisive if we want our children to win. This is why we are arming them with wheelbarrows and unnecessary environment to make them suffer well for eternity

Ruto addresses Residents in Nyeri County

After Commissioned the Kangocho Primary School and classrooms at Kangocho Secondary School; later he addressed parents and residents of Iriani ward, Mathira Constituency, Nyeri County in the company of

  • Kirinyaga Governor @AnneWaiguru,
  • MPs @Gachagua_R (Mathira),
  • NdindiNyoro (Kiharu),
  • WahomeHon (Kandara),
  • Rahab Mukami (Nyeri),
  • HonKangata (Muranga),
  • George Kariuki (Ndia),
  • Rindikiri Mugambi (Buuri)
  • HonJumwa (Malindi).

“Karatina market in Nyeri County has remained an economic landmark supporting hundreds of livelihoods. Under our Bottom-Up Economic Model, such markets will be the centre of economic growth as the government provides finances to small traders in order to boost their business. “

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