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Why Alex Mwakideu left Milele FM for 30days


The popular Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has finally spoken after being off mike living his Fans with rhetoric questions. Speaking through his former Radio Maisha hosted by Ali Hassan Kauleni, Mwakideu openly without fear said he has taken 30 days leave to work on his plans. He promises to be back on Milele Fm breakfast show early February.

Alex Mwakideu joins Politics

Alex Mwakideu is looking forward to join the Kenya Politics just like His all time Co-Presenter Jalang’o.

Alex Mwakideu Biography, Age, Wife, Children, car and salary at Radio Maisha,

Tambua.africa is in communicating with the popular presenter to uncover more about his Biography. Please check back soon. And find answers to the following questions

  1. Where is Alex Mwakideu?
  2. Who is Alex Mwakideu’s Wife
  3. How many children does he have?
  4. Alex Mwakideu’s house worth?
  5. Alex Mwakideu’s car?
  6. Is Mwakideu still at Milele FM?
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