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What will happen if you do this to your unmarried lover!

Love is one of the sweetest things one can afford on this world. Just like we know many people can afford to spend a lot not leaving out Money so as to embrace their lovers.

Men have been going to an extent of paying for their Loved ones before marriage. We have also witnessed many cases where men decide to take back their wives to school.

But from our own research and analysis only 10% have been successful throughout the learning and back to their first love. In most case women have met other lovers in college, and Universities.

A woman can easily fall into a relationship and forget the other more easily. Just take an example you are not financially stable or you don’t have Education to a higher level… but because your wife has the potential to go high,,, you decide to take a potion of you shamba, sell it then pay fees.


After her completion she flashbacks the kind of hustle she is going to have in the family then it sounds like she will be the bread winner in the entire life.

But their in college getting a new catch and starting new life isn’t hard. Unfortunately or fortunately she decides otherwise.

Only do this if you are assured of the relationship by her parents through the law courts. This helps to get your money back incase things don’t work.

Can you Sacrifice your property to EDUCATE your wife?

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