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Tambua Africa 2021 Firm is a private organisation. It major aim is to deliver breaking news, Sports News, political news, education news, health news and also betting tips for online gambling.

As we have been advising our website viewers and visitors we still keep our advice and inform you that no man is perfect. As much as you may want to use online predictors to give you a win of a large sum of amount like winning a jackpot of 20 million on betika we do not guarantee you that cash.

But we draw you closer to the tips that may give you a win of the jackpot the predictions of the day or even win a bonus.

It is your mandate to scrutinize our provided list and make a decision of the amount of money you may want to step on the provided betting tip. Tambua tips is not responsible for the amount of money you stake.


For example relying on the bigger teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal , Liverpool we can analyse the matches according to the team’s performance but that day the biggest emerges the loser.

We also advise you to use our provided list of the teams but also be selective on the ones you pick according to your understanding in the betting industry.

You can also decide to bet separately different teams so that one cannot mess up your bet slip. I mean we can provide 10 teams for you but in the 10 teams 1 team loses. You will be on a safer side when you choose to divide the teams into groups so that if one messes up the other bet slip still wins.

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