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Robert Alai Slams Ramogi Tv Presenters fake Gold Watches

Luo is pride and that is why they should show up. Remembering on the day Ramogi Tv was Launched everything was to show how expensive the new child channel was going to be like.

Presenters were driven in, in the most expensive vehicles in the country. At the same time others landed using a Helicopter.

This high standard of living shown by Royal media to its workers has forced them to try their best to remain relevant and rich. But this is not an easy way or a walk in the park.

Not bothering the originality of the materials they acquire, some are buying fake Gold just to enhance their Dholuo Look. This has pinched Robert Alai a senior blogger in the country.


He posts on twitter questioning Ramogi Tv presenters if it is a must to wear fake Gold watches just to fit in the narrative.

“Must Ramogi TV presenters wear fake gold watches to fit the narrative?”

He encourages them to try and exercise being real and avoid faking life.

“Why not just be real?

Seems like fake Chinese gold watches is part of the uniform there.

Cheapening the station.”

However Netizens have not taken it lightly asking him to mind his own businesses and stop looking for invitations. Others have shown some support to the matter asking why fake life pretending to be rich.

1. Mr Ndalo: Pretending to be rich when the station is owned by a Kikuyu , the reason our people from the lake will remain poor forever.

2. Responder: I think it is also time we jokanyanam stop all these superficial hype. We need to invest and develop our region.

3. Kennedy Otieno: It seems you admire them so much. What hurts you bro on someone’s jewelry? You’re letting yourself down. Go for the British gold then. Omera terwa Mos gi ichlitnigo.

4. Otao: When did you become the kenya bureau of standards to determine fakes and originals? Or your bitterness drives you to hate anything and everything.

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