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President Kenyatta Eulogizes Charles Rubia

President Kenyatta Eulogizes Charles Rubia As An Icon Of Kenya’s Multi-party Democracy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has mourned veteran Kenyan politician Charles Wanyoike Rubia, who passed away today, describing him as a patriot and an astute leader who dedicated his public life to the service of the country.

In his message of condolence to the family, relatives and friends of the late politician and businessman, President Kenyatta said he was deeply saddened by the death of Charles Rubia noting that the late leader was a source of encouragement and role model to many Kenyans over the years.

The President said the late Rubia was among the few Kenyans who shaped the country’s politics that define the modern day Kenya.


“As the first African Mayor, Mzee Rubia was key to the development of Nairobi city, making it an economic hub for East and Central Africa.

“It was during his era, as the city father, that Nairobi earned the title, the green city in the sun, due to his outstanding efforts of keeping the city clean and orderly,” the President noted.

Besides politics, business and his prominent standing in national leadership, the President acknowledged the role played by the late Rubia in shaping Kenya’s and the region’s telecommunications sector having been a pioneer postmaster in the then East Africa Posts and Telecommunications Corporation.

The Head of State said as a nationalist, Charles Rubia worked hard to improve the lives of all Kenyans by teaming up with like-minded leaders such as the late Kenneth Matiba in demanding for justice and respect for human rights by agitating for multi-party democracy.

“The political freedoms we enjoy today are as a result of the sacrifices made by Charles Rubia and other patriots who were ready to lay down their lives for the sake of good governance of our great nation.

“As an icon of Kenya’s vibrant multi-party democracy, we are greatly indebted to Mzee Rubia and his comrades in the second liberation struggle. It is therefore upon us, as a nation, to work together in unity and peace so as to make our country a better place for generations to come,” the President said.

The late Charles Rubia, 96, served as a Member of Parliament for Starehe Constituency for 20 years uninterrupted, from 1969 during which he held several ministerial positions.

“Rubia was a polished Kenyan, he was a committed and a devoted statesman who served all Kenyans, with distinction, irrespective of their backgrounds. His experience in public service and management saw him hold several ministerial positions,” the President noted.

He challenged the current crop of leaders to emulate the late Rubia who he said demonstrated virtues of selflessness, courage and professional conduct in his long service to Kenyans.

The President prayed to God to grant the family, relatives and acquaintances of the fallen leader comfort and fortitude to bear the loss.

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