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Pay For BOM Teachers Delayed Due To Unverified Data – CAS Zack Kinuthia

BOM teachers have suffered a blow from the outbreak of Corona Virus in the country. As he schools had to be closed many BOM teachers had to go without pay for over 5 months now. After the ministry of Education looked into the matter money had been allocated for teachers pay.

Why the Delay

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Kinuthia says that the ministry received data from school heads that conflicted the data held by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC). This, he says, has forced the ministry to embark in a verification exercise “which is in advanced stages”.

He says

“What is holding the money is the Unverified data that was submitted to us from the field, vis-a-viz the data we have with the Commission. From the onset, “

“I want to say that we received a humongous list from the field, including teachers who are not enrolled with TSC.


“This means, Heads of Schools sent untrue, or illegitimate data, which meant that money would have gone to the wrong people, or more people than is the reality, denying the genuine beneficiaries the right,” wrote Kinuthia.”

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