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OPINION: What is the right age to get married

As many people say age is just a number and it has no impact on ones Marriage by I oppose the idea. You can not just get married at any age. I suggest the right time to get married is after basic education.

When one is done with acquiring basic education at school, he or she is free to make his or her own decision concerning his or her life. I may say we have those who choose to continue with tertiary education and those who choose to venture into the jua Kali sector where they can earn their living and sustain their families.

When one is capable of earning a living secure some little cash to keep him or herself move on with life, and also sustain his family and provide all the basic needs required by the family, that is the wife and the number of children they may wish to have, then the person is ok to get married.

Just to bring out another issue whereby one may have attained an age of even 30 years or 35 years or 40 years but he or she is not capable of providing for the family, then at this point we say that person is not okay to get married until he strives to make it.


In relation to that point on we have people who are creative enough to follow their own path and earn big sums of money whereby they feel they are okay to have a family then I may say they can go ahead and get married. There is no need to wait whereas you have the capability.

In addition to financial stability, I also say a person is worth to get married if Grown mentally. I mean a person who can make his or her own decisions that are all of great value in ones life that of his wife or her husband and Children.

He should also be stable in mind not to be shocken up with the ups and downs that are normally encountered in marriage, for example disagreement between wife and husband or quarrel between parents and children.

What do you think is the right age for one to get married?

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