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M-PESA Business Till (Buy Goods)

The M-PESA Business till is an enhancement of the existing Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods till that enables business owners to collect payments on the till and use the money collected to make other transactions directly from their till.

The M-PESA For Business till is Ideal for businesses in retail, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hardwares, pharmacies, boutiques, salons etc. that collect money from customers regularly as part of their business.

The product is targeted at M-PESA Merchants directly acquired by Safaricom or Safaricom dealers falling in the category of individuals, or sole proprietors. Limited companies, partnerships wishing to use the product will be required to place the request via an official board resolution letter signed by authorized signatories indicating the nominated number and persons authorized to transact on its behalf.

To apply for M-PESA Business till click on this link:  


What’s great about this service

This product provides a one stop account for collecting and making payments directly from the till enabling them to separate their personal M-PESA payments from business payments. The following are the services available under this product.

  1. Receive payments from other Businesses and Customers
  2. Make payments
    1. Pay another business from the till – Pay bill or Buy Goods
    2. Make payments to Customers
  3. Withdraw funds
    1. To the owner nominated number
    2. To Bank
    3. At M-PESA Agent
  4. Sell Airtime to customer using collected funds and earn commission

Rates and Charges

What are the charges for the new M-PESA Business till transactions?

Pay to another Buy Goods Till0.25 % capped at 200/-
Pay to a mobile number (B2C)Existing M-PESA Send Money charges apply
Pay to a utility till (Pay bill C2B)Standard Paybill charges apply
Withdraw at agentStandard agent withdrawal charges
Sell Airtime to customerStandard Agent Airtime commission rates


  • The business owner will be charged a maximum of 0.5% and not more than KShs.200 per transaction for money collected on the till.
  • Collections of Ksh 200 and below are FREE.
  • There are no customer charges for payments made using Lipa na M-PESA Buy Goods except for payments made at fuel stations.

Getting Started on the M-PESA Business Till

Once the merchant has completed their application for the Business till on the Self Onboarding portal:  the merchant/nominated number will:

  1. Receive their till number via SMS
  2. Download the Lipa Na M-PESA sticker from the Self Onboarding portal:
  3. Activate the Business till
  4. Change PIN and begin transacting
  5. Automatically begin receiving payment notifications made to the till on the nominated number. Alternatively, if the owner requires a separate till for notifications, they can replace (Swap) till line

SIM Swap Process:

Safaricom Merchant Self SIM Swap is a Do-It-Yourself service that enables merchants on M-PESA Business Till to replace their Till SIM card. The process is FREE. You will only need to purchase a replacement line from an M-PESA agent or Safaricom retail shop near you at 50/-

SIM swap is applicable to your own till. Only the primary operator who is the nominated number can do a self SIM swap.

How the SIM Swap works:

  • Dial *234# from the nominated number
  • Then select option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  • Then enter your head office or store number
  • Select option 5 – Account Services
  • Then selection option 5 – SIM Swap
  • Enter your till number
  • Enter the IMSI number
    • IMSI Number: This is the unique identifier for the replacement line that you have acquired. It is found behind the new replacement line acquired.
  • Enter operator ID
  • Then enter operator PIN

You will receive a confirmation message that the SIM swap process has been initiated.

Once successfully swapped, the merchant will receive a message confirm that the sim replacement was completed successfully.  Kindly insert your new sim into a handset to begin using it.

  1. How to Activate your Till
  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number
  2. Select option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  3. Enter Store number (One received on SMS)
  4. Select option 1 – Yes
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  6. Submit

You will receive an M-PESA message with your operator ID and Start key PIN. You will be required to change PIN. Use the operator ID and start key then:

  1. How to change PIN
  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number
  2. Select option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  1. Enter your Store number
  2. Select option 5 – Account Services
  3. Select option 1 – Change PIN
  4. Enter operator ID (Check the SMS received from M-PESA SMS with start key)
  5. Enter old PIN (which is the start key on SMS from M-PESA)
  6. Enter New PIN (Create your own secret PIN)
  7. Confirm new PIN (Repeat your own secret PIN)
  8. Submit

You will receive a message confirming that your PIN has been changed and till successfully activated

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