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KYEOP: Cycle 5, 6, 7, grants disbursement updates you should be aware of

Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities project is a government organisation that Acknowledges and develops Youths.


KYEOP aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for targeted youth between the age of (18-29) who are unemployed. This is achieved through various skills training and entrepreneurship support thus supporting the youth to find jobs or employ themselves.

After Making online applications successful candidates were contacted and requested to submit their National Identification Card accompanied by the Account number for funds disbursement.

KYEOP Cycle 5, 6 and lastly 7 are still waiting for the Empowerment to start their respective businesses as well as create self employment.


It was recently communicated to the youth to remain patient as the Parliament resume its sittings. It is an independent government organ that is awaited to approves funds for both KYEOP and Kazi Mtaani program.

Kazi Mtaani relationship to KYEOP

Kazi mtaani is related to KYEOP. First they are both government projects that aim to beat the unemployment rate in the country. They are both funded by the national government and majorly targeting Kenyan Youths.

The only difference between KYEOP and Kazi Mtaani is that in Kazi Mtaani a youth is employed to work for the government in urbanisation and receive weekly payments while KYEOP gives the youth grants to create an income generating projects.

It should be noted that KYEOP funds shall be deposited into respective bank accounts and not M-Pesa or any other Mobile money providers and Only successful candidates will receive the grants.

KYEOP cycle 5, 6, 7, grants updates: Acknowledging, growing and developing Youths

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