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Handshake is Threatening Our Party – Duale

What is your view on the BBI report and the extension of the task force’s term by the President?

Jubilee Party, from President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and the rank and file of our party supporters, is wholly behind the recommendations of the BBI.

However, I am sceptical about what BBI II is going to add to this document. The only thing the BBI report left out was the inclusion of change of governance structure from a presidential to a parliamentary system.

I think the President must have heard the cries of the proponents of the parliamentary system, both from inside his party, led by me, and outside our party, led by his handshake partner Raila Odinga.


In BBI II, we expect not to be short-changed by the beneficiaries – both politically and economically – of a presidential system.

Since Independence 56 years ago, only two communities have produced a president. When will the rest of us get the opportunity to lead this nation?

Therefore BBI II can only recommend a parliamentary system where the contests will be in the constituencies, where the Supreme Court or Bomas (of Kenya) become irrelevant in making crucial political decisions.

When a party or a coalition of parties can form government, political and economic power will be shared horizontally across all communities and all regions. This will end divisive elections.

What do you make of ODM’s decision to drop their long-held demand for a powerful prime minister?

ODM, and those of us who believe in a parliamentary system, have been duped since the 2005 referendum. For long, they have advocated for a parliamentary system where the Executive is led by a powerful prime minister who is accountable to the people through elected representatives.

Now they have chickened out of their historical ideology since they have realised that there is nothing called a powerful prime minister in a presidential system. You cannot have both of them at the same time.

I think ODM has not recovered from the Grand Coalition hangover where they know they cannot win an election on their own but want to run government through a mongrel such as the grand coalition. This is a recipe for chaos.

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