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Gotv Slaps subscribers with a higher upgrade package level for absolutely free

5 days to go for the ongoing offer. Gotv Tv channel provider had been slapping each subscriber with higher package. In simple terms you pay for a package and Gotv upgrades you passed your expectations.

The avilable Gotv package are

1. Gotv Value

2. Gotv Plus


3. Gotv Max

5. Gotv Supa

Pay for your GOtv package today and get upgraded to a higher package / level for absolutely Free. The offer ends on 31st March. 5 DAYS TO GO!

Pay for Gotv Value you are upgraded to Gotv Plus

You pay for Gotv Plus you are upgraded to Gotv Max

You pay for Gotv Max they upgrade you to Gotv Supa.

After Gotv issued this offer Kenyans have been very happy and grateful about it. They expressed their gratitude saying they can feel an extended entertainment after being allowed more channels than their subscription.

To access the service download My GOtv App or Dial *423# to log in to your account. Thereafter follow the payment and upgrade process as directed. According to Gotv the upgrade is effective within 48hrs of payment where Terms and Conditions apply.

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