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Everything you need to know about the return of Fantasy Premier League

Many of the people have probably given up in your mini-leagues by now as they are out of the running for prizes. But with the ability to set up new leagues for the remaining eight weeks, you can easily wipe the slate clean and start again.

If you’ve still got a chance to beat your mates and claim some money as a result, you’ll want to read on.

FPL have given us all unlimited transfers to use before Aston Villa and Sheffield United get us underway at 6pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, many of you may still have your three chips (Bench Boost, Free Hit and Triple Captain) as well as your wildcard.


So how should you use your remaining chips and, more importantly, which players should you transfer in?

Let us help you:

Unlimited transfers

That’s right. Ahead of the Premier League’s restart, FPL are allowing you unlimited transfers to your squad. It’s like the start of the season all over again when you can tinker with your team as many times as you want.

However, before you rush into making all of your changes, there’s a potential reason why you could benefit from not doing that.

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