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Dj 2 One 2: The man behind Radio Maisha Jioni 5 mix at 5

Dj 2 one 2 is one of the most celebrated Djs at Radio maisha. With his love for music gives Radio Maisha one of the top ranking station in the Country. Radio Maisha is Owned by Standard Media Groups located along Mombasa Road.

As a Dj, 2 one 2 uses every opportunity he gets in studio to do what he can do best. As an Official Radio Station Dj he receives music from all creators where he beats his mind to select which suits the occasion.

Dj 2 one 2 Djs at Radio Maisha in different Shows like Konnect Party by Clemmo and Mwende. During this time his love for Kenya music helps most Kenya singers win live radio interviews. He also makes the Maisha Jioni show hotter that any other show by incorporating his Mixes.

5 Mix at 5 by Dj 2 one 2 is a segment where he is given uninterrupted time to hit 5 favourite songs back to back. Given the chance he never disappoints.


Rais wa Mzuka makes maisha fans gain (furaha Kibao). He samples 5 songs out of the millions of songs but interesting is that when he takes over Netizens on twitter and Facebook burn social with congratulatory messages for making a precise selection.

Dj 2 one 2

“Ngoma Zake hutupatia Mzuka Kibao.”

One of the best fans after making a direct call to Radio maisha couldn’t hold his gratitude.

Official Djs at Radio Maisha include, Dj 2 one 2, Dj Ian, Rumba Dj Darius ambassador Dela Rumba, and others.

More Information at Radio Maisha:

Nikome at Radio Maisha: Nikome is also injected in Maisha jioni. The presenters Mbaruk Mwalimu and BillyMiya have been so creative just to make sure the show remains relevant. Other hot shows at Radio Maisha include, Maisha Asubuhi, Maji Makuu by Babu wakasiaka, Safari na Ndiema by.

Anthony Ndiema: On the Spiritual note Ndiema takes it all. He wakes kenyas by presenting them to their supreme spiritual being before they start the day. He reads Bible trivia verses and test fans understand the fans bible understanding.

Mwashumbe and Shuga Boy: The Maisha Asubuhi group brings a hot 4 hours of entertainment. This is from 6.00 am to 10.00 am. During this time they educate as they critic on the real issues experienced in the society.

Maisha concert Friday. Maisha Asubuhi on Fridays Host Maisha concert Friday where the interview invited quest majorly in Music.

Radio Maisha slogan is Tuko Mbele Pamoja.

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