The rise of death overwhelms Kenya after five patients succumb to Corona Virus today

COVID-19 death toll rises to 1,474 after five more patients succumb to Corona virus today. The Health CAS Aman says 266 patients have been discharged while 551 test positive for COVID-19. This results are from 4,675 sample size tested. The today tally hits 84,169, MoH says Nairobi & Mombasa continue to record the high infection rate.

Covid 19 Vaccine

Dr. Rashid Aman: “Kenya is participating in the ongoing Astra Zeneca/Oxford ChAdOx vaccine trial together with the UK, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Japan, USA & India. It’s expected that this vaccine will engage 60,000 participants across the 7 countries before end of the year.

New COVID-19 containment measures to the Bars

The government has issued new rules to the bars in order to control the spread of coronavirus. The owners have been urged to follow the ministry of health protocols with no push from the authorities.

They have been out to do away with dance floors so that they are visitors can only take alcohol and go back to their houses. In other words “no more dancing in bars”

The bar owners have also been urged, to employ medical practitioners at least one in every bar to assist them in containing there customers and also be ready for any emergency. That not being enough they have also been urged to install covid-19 emergency isolation room in the bars.

This isolation rooms will help to contain people suspected to be covid-19 positive showing all the signs and symptoms as they wait for medical officers.

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