Zora Citizen Tv Written Updates.

Before we can discuss the health status of Zora in Hospital, let’s first have a simple update on what transpired in the 31st December 2021 Episode.

1. Talia Narrates her Life abroad

Talia was mistreated by two prominent people and great friends to her father. The two friends who happen to be business partners to her father took an advantage over her and defiled her. She opens up how she went through alot in the house.

From her bitterness Talia wanted to fly back home and hug her father in the event tell him how she was broken inside. But all this was not possible.

The man went to an extent of threatening her is she ever disclose the information, then that could be the end.

It is also more painful after the other second man visited. Talia risked telling him all the truth but all he could do was also to abuse her. Shockingly the man was Oliver Chibale.

Talia after seeing all couldn’t work she decided to run away persevering the night clothes. She swears never to allow a person of position take advantage of a poor person.

This whole story has been burning up TALIA but she couldn’t have a good time to express her feelings to her father. Boaz feels the pain and indeed feels sorry for his daughter.

2. Pipi Disagrees with Fellah’s hospitality

After Fidi was taken by her parents, Pipi has never been at ease. This forces Fellah and Zora to trick him about taking a visit to his mother’s Ushago. On the planned day Pipi is early prepared and ready for the journey. Zora tries to trick him about his mother being unreachable through the phone.

“Mnanibeba utoto, munafikiria mimi ni mtoto.!” Pipi speak.

The tuff statements by Pipi force Zora to take him back to his mother.

The unplanned journey created by Pipi is one of the major cause to Zoras woes. After taking Pipi home Zora had to come back to her husband. She even had a phone call from fellah where she only asked for 10minutes and she will have arrived in at the bar business.

Fellah calls her Wife Zora

After 10 minutes Fellah became suspicious about his wife’s whereabout. Zora was found at the Bar entrance collapsed by their Businesses attendant. She was rushed to hospital.

Fellah is worried about what may have happened to his wife.

3. The Doctor gives Zora’s medical progress report verbally

The Nurse informs Zora was involved in an accident but she should thank God she is Still Alive. She promises to give every medical attention to make sure Zora is OK. Zora is also going through trauma as a result of head injuries.

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